‘Underneath every behaviour, there’s a positive intention’

In NLP, human behaviour is not seen as being random. There will always be a purpose, a reason, and a “positive intention‟ behind it. Sometimes the positive intention is not really apparent as it is frequently out of conscious awareness. For example, some people start smoking at an early age because people in their peer... Continue Reading →


Being detached has nothing to do with the conventional credence that one is disengaged from emotions/feelings/sentiments. In fact, the most rigid people, those who tend to consider themselves, “emotionally unavailable”, think they are “detached”. But that’s not true at all. Being detached means to be adaptable. Means, having the flexibility to implement variations, to accept... Continue Reading →

The way its always been.

It’s always quite hard to decide what to write about. When I decided that I wanted to be a writer at the age of ten I never thought it would ever be this hard. Write from the heart they say. What do you mean? Like love? Being young and naive I thought, what could be... Continue Reading →

Be the Best Fraction of the Whole  

In a world of infinite probable possibilities aren’t, at least at this stage, the prototypes in fact very limited? Sure, the ramification of which are dependent on the individual’s other abilities, the individual interactions with the world, but in the end, with the obvious exceptions never to be dismissed, but because we are all made... Continue Reading →

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